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Venice and Italy

Venetian glass appeared in Italy thanks to the friendship and trade of the Venetians with the countries of the East. The first samples of glass products were brought from eastern countries for Europe. But it was the real Italians who were so impressed by the beautiful creations that they surpassed their oriental teachers in skill!

In 1797, the island of Murano survived an attack by French troops who occupied it until 1806, destroying factories and workshops for the production of unique glass figurines. It seemed that the history of Murano glass had come to an end, but in the middle of the 19th century, a lawyer from Vicenza, Antonio Salviati, with the support of two enterprising Englishmen, built a factory in Murano and resumed the production of colorful blown glass products. The past fame, as well as the high quality of the work of the masters of our time, ensured a demand and popularity that does not fade to this day.

Italy is an incredibly attractive country. It has combined everything that tourists love so much: the mild Mediterranean climate, the luxurious coastline, ancient architecture, interesting museums and attractions, delicious cuisine, and avant-garde shopping. Italy is the dream of every tourist and everyone dreams of visiting it. Here you can get enough of interesting excursions, and depending on the season, beach holidays or mountain skiing. Tourists from all over the world come to Italy. Despite the fact that Italy occupies a small place on the world map, this country has a huge number of places where it is worth visiting at least once.

You can almost endlessly describe and admire Venice. This is a fabulous city on the water, conveniently spread over more than a hundred islets connected by numerous bridges. This is a real paradise for romantics – here you can walk along the narrow streets where the charming Casanova walked, ride an elegant gondola, enjoy a bright sunset on the shores of the Venetian Lagoon. Wherever you go in Venice, Renaissance buildings and palaces will delight your eye.