Payment and Delivery


When shopping in our store, choose the most convenient payment method for you:
We accept for payment cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, both credit and debit. We also accept payment via Pay Pal, as well as bank transfer or cash on delivery.


Our online store offers our customers several convenient options for receiving an order. Delivery is made by mail or courier, depending on the option you choose. We develop points of issue in your city, addresses of points of issue will be published on the website in a timely manner.

Delivery from abroad

Russian Federation

Orders with goods from abroad will be delivered free of charge. The order will be packed and shipped within 10 – 15 business days, during the promotions and sales period, the order may take up to 25 business days. The approximate delivery time is indicated in the order card in the Personal Account.

After submitting the order, the seller will add the track number to the order card. You can use it to track the delivery process of your order. The seller chooses the delivery method. It can be: Russian Post, EMS or a transport company.


If the seller sent the order by mail, the Russian Post or its courier company EMS will take care of its delivery. You can track your order in your Personal Account or on the Russian Post website using the track number.

Receiving an order. When the order goes to the status “Located in the Russian Federation”, it can be received. Russian Post will also send you a notice. You will need a proof of identity to receive it.

Pay attention to the appearance of the parcel. If the parcel is damaged, you can ask the post office employee to open it in your presence and draw up an act of damage to the attachment. The weight of the parcel must match the declared weight in the postal documents and the order card.

Shelf life. The order is stored for 30 days. If you did not receive it on time or did not pay for the additional storage service, the order will be returned to the sender or will be disposed of.

Maximum delivery time: 45 days, if the order did not arrive within this period, write to us in the chat, we will refund the money.


Declaration and customs duties #

Different laws apply to orders from overseas sellers. You may need to declare the goods and pay a duty.

You should not order more than two identical items at the same time. Your order may be recognized as a commercial batch of goods and you will have to pay a fee.

The shipping company may ask for your passport details and TIN. You will need them to go through customs. When delivering an order by Russian Post, these data will not be required.

From January 1, 2020, the delivery of goods does not need to be declared and a duty must be paid if the purchased goods are sent in one parcel:

• total value not exceeding 200 euros;

• with a total weight of up to 31 kg.

If the cost or weight of one parcel exceeds the specified norms, you will have to pay a duty of 15% of the amount exceeding the established limits, but not less than 2 Euros per 1 kg. This limitation applies to one parcel. The number of parcels received per month is not limited.

If you are not willing to pay customs duty and do not collect the order, it will be returned to the sender. In this case, the money will be returned to you minus the cost of delivering the parcel to the seller’s warehouse abroad. The exact cost of delivery can be obtained from the seller.

Legislation #

Orders with goods from abroad are subject to the rules of the Customs Union:

• Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union, chapter 37.

• Decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission of December 20, 2017 No. 107 “On certain issues related to goods for personal use.”

If you have any questions, write to us in the chat.