Venetian masks

Every year Venice hosts a historical and unique carnival holiday, where thousands of travelers strive to get to participate in the festivities that traditionally take place on the eve of Lent.

The Venice Carnival is the brightest, most famous and most ancient festival in the world of masks and magical transformations. Its atmosphere is unique and unforgettable, the masquerade goes back to the pagan traditions of worshiping gods and idols. The word “carnival” itself is translated as “ceremonial carriage”. This partly confirms the origin of the tradition during the times of idolatry and pagan deification of inanimate objects.

What is the magic of masks? This is not just a guessing game. Venice is not a large city even today, and in ancient times almost everyone there knew each other by sight. Therefore, the mask served as a good protection from prying eyes and possible gossip. After all, many are interested in why you came home so late and with whom you spent tonight. And the mask did its job, hiding the face and still equating the poor with the rich, the famous with the unknown. It got to the point that masks became so popular in Venice that chaos and confusion gradually began to reign in the city. Hiding under a fictional image, it was possible to easily and with impunity commit illegal actions and create lawlessness. And then the authorities and representatives of the church issued a law that prohibited the wearing of masks outside of carnival events.

Now you can find and purchase a wondrous variety of Venetian masks with different designs, sizes and colors. Still, the shape of the Venetian mask remains similar, and this is no accident. Due to the narrow configuration of the nose on the mask, the wings of the owner’s nose were compressed, which gave his voice a special distorted “nasal” timbre and increased the mystery and inaccessibility of the image.

Venice sights are in great demand in summer, when many tourists came, and in the cold season, the streets were empty and the city’s entertainment establishments, cafes and restaurants suffered losses. In addition to gondolas and unique buildings, some other unique idea was required that would attract a large number of tourists to the city in winter. And this idea was the revival of the carnival, which took place in the 80s.

Since then, Venice has been flooded with tourists every year to take part in masquerade events for ten days. Considering that most of the guests arrive early and do not leave the hospitable city right away, then the noisy fun lasts almost a month. Masks have forever become a Venetian symbol and marvelous decoration.